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Early Canary (Ёли Кэнэри)

Early Canary (Ёли Кэнэри)
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Don Hollingsworth - Steininger, 2015, США



Махровая розовидная форма цветка

Ранний срок цветения

Красиво сложенный махровый цветок сложен из крупных наружных лепестков 

Fragrant, full double; flower opens light yellow with highlights of additional pigmentation at first opening. Broad, nicely rounded guards, segments grade smaller inward, in center green carpels, stigmas when present are deep red-purple. Flower well-furnished with petals, it is of good substance and pleasing form. Satisfying plant habit, vigorous and fast increase, a dependable bloomer with ample color on a large, medium height bush. Strong stems, sag with rain in the opened flower. The presentation in the viewed landscape requires support for best results. The bush is well clothed in attractive light-green foliage, leaflets pointed and relatively long in relation to width. Promises good cut flower qualities in regards to stem length and strength, flower yield and quality, and earliness. Furnishes excellent stems for the vase and it is a great choice for the cut flower garden.


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